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Detailed & 3D Modelling

Once plans are provided to us, an intensive review is performed by detailers able to talk about each detail so as to supply the foremost correct search and erection drawings.


Our detailing department consists of qualified workers that utilize the newest technologies to arrange look drawings and erection plans for advanced steel structures.

3D Modelling

Our team uses BIM (Building info Modelling) software package for 3D modelling on each single project to substantiate every component of the build is possible and optimum. First, we offer its models to project collaborators, then potential conflicts is averted.

We sporadically provides these models to project collaborators so as to spot and resolve potential building conflicts from the beginning, so serving to to avoid problems on construction sites.

Through elaborated virtual representations of steel structures in 3D, conflict analysis is feasible before one piece is fictitious. Clash detection between the assorted parts of a building is formed potential by the improved collaboration that 3D modelling facilitates. to not mention the savings of your time and cash.

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